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METAVERSE The Future is Coming

Facebook is About to Make a Virtual World Come Alive

Metaverse has been named as one of Facebook’s top priorities and is something that has been rumored to be worked on since 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg stated his vision for Metaverse was “pretty far along” – but it seems wait is over now! 

What is Metaverse?

Metaverses are virtual worlds in which users (represented by an avatar) can shop, socialize take part in leisure activities – and learn.


Metaverse has become a priority for many tech companies including Facebook (recently changed its name to Meta) and Microsoft while Google is reportedly working on one of its own through its Daydream Labs arm while Amazon has filed patents related to VR shopping experiences within the Metaverse.

Metaverse-The next billion-dollar marketplace

Many experts believe that early applications will be focused on entertainment but it’s easy to imagine more sophisticated uses as the Metaverse evolves.

It is estimated that by 2025, gaming, business communication, and advertising in the metaverse could be worth at least $82 billion dollar industry.


metaverse-shopping experience

Metaverse lets you connect with people from all over the world, create or join groups of like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions allowing them to communicate freely in a digital environment. Without feeling lonely or left out!

By using Metaverse we will be able to do things such as go to a virtual concert, take a trip online, view or create artwork and try on (or buy) digital clothing – pretty much anything you can imagine.

Imagine having friends come together virtually around the globe at one time; it’s likely that Metaversing would make this possible without ever leaving home!

This technology could also be a game-changer for the work from home shift amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of seeing co-workers on a video call grid, employees could join them in a virtual office!

Metaverse will be an open-source platform and we can expect Metaverses to be released on all major VR headsets Including the Facebook Oculus Rift!

Metaverse is bound to change our lives, by allowing us to virtually explore new places and create a bigger world for everyone.

We can say that whole idea of Metaverse is to allow people to connect and share experiences with one another, working together in real-time.

Metaverse isn’t just all about VR anymore!

Many industries have found it useful over time, including healthcare training companies in construction or engineering fields looking for better ways to train employees.

It is also used for immersive learning and real estate where clients can see their future properties in VR before construction has even begun. 

In the near future, rapid development of the Digital Market, Metaverse will prove to be a powerful tool for Digital Marketers.

“Metaverse could revolutionize the way we work, learn and play!”

Supported Technology inside Metaverse:

Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality has given us a whole new way to see the world. Ever wanted to wander through Africa or New York City? Now you can do so with just an electronic device strapped onto one’s head!


The head-mounted displays are typically worn similarly looking as Google Glasses, which have two screens facing forward below where line-of sight would otherwise be when wearing it; there’s no distortion.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented reality is a hot technology trend and it’s only going to get hotter as more people have access to AR ready smartphones. With augmented realities we can see the real life environment right in front of us with digital augmentation

For example things like trees swaying at parks or dogs chasing balls might appear on top while our own surroundings stay untouched around them; kids playing soccer could be seen interacting not just through their cartoon versions but also alongside pterodactyls flapping about overhead!

An real example of AR technology is the mobile app Pokemon Go, which was released in 2016 and quickly became anescapable sensation as players go from location to location looking for characters from their favorite game series on the screen of their smartphone- they can even find them inside your bathroom!

Mixed Reality (MR):

Mixed Reality is the merge of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments, interactions that are both natural and intuitive.

Mixed reality is augmented reality’s younger sibling. Where augmented reality is delivered through a handheld mobile device i.e. a smartphone or a tablet, mixed reality is delivered through head-mounted see-through glasses.

For example – picture a surgeon having an overlay while performing surgery providing detailed live information on the process as it happens!

Extended Reality (XR):

Extended Reality is an umbrella term for all five senses of virtual reality, augmented or mixed with the real world.

In these immersive programs you can feel as if your eyelids are being pulled away from their sockets.

Extended realities encourage us to escape our daily routines–to live vicariously through new adventures without ever leaving home!


The virtual world of the metaverse is a thriving and growing place for all sorts of people to connect, communicate and shop. 

As more and more people start using these platforms as they become comfortable with them, we will see an increase in online shopping. And this has been shown to occur on sites like Amazon where users can create wish lists or purchase items from other user’s collections without leaving their homes. 

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